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Fred and Teresa with Hubert ready for the vendange


After yesterday it seems we might have got away with some ordinary business ie talking wine tasting. That proved not to be the case with our meeting at Chateau de Brossay with Hubert. Over 40 years Hubert has been making wine at Brossay and if anyone knows about the vagaries of making wine in the Loire  valley then Hubert does. So Fred and Teresa and Hubert talked about the special knowledge needed to make a good wine each year. The fluctuations of the weather in the Loire make each year different and therefore a challenge  so you have to learn from the experience of previous years to find the right way of making wine. The grape berries develop individual flavour compounds that interact differently each year mainly due to the weather. This then produces a berry ready for harvesting with unique characteristics and it is Hubert who has to interpret this uniqueness when trying to make his wines. That really is a challenge when he makes 13 different wines from six different grape varieties. What a challenge especially when his wines have to meet the expectations of his various clients who demand similar results each year but in tandem with the way in which wine styles have changed over the years. Clients need a wine maker to make subtle changes to the balance of wine as people’s tastes change. Wow is that not pressure! Hubert wins because he has the passion and knowhow to meet that challenge.

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